2018, the start of our adventure

Symbiosis is the idea of ​​a mother and son to create an indoor organic market with local products sold in bulk.
It is sometimes complicated to know what to buy, even in organic stores, between the exotic, the overpacked… Don’t worry with us, because we’ve already sorted it out for you.
We traveled through Belgium a few times to find the best organic producers and we negotiated bulk purchases with them. This allows us to offer organic products at prices that are accessible to everyone.

In bulk, no more waste, you take what you want.
No deception, no misleading advertising or beautifying photos, at Symbiosis you see and smell what you buy.

“What motivates us is to enable people to find a healthy way to eat and turn away from industrial food; to significantly reduce the ecological impact by using a maximum of recycled containers, as well as a strict minimum of packaging, never plastic but unbleached paper bags.”

These are some of our suppliers: Maustitchi farm, Brussels Mushroom, Peuplier farm, Jardin de Bellecourt, Sœurs Goffard, Flietermolen, Pajottenlander, Cafés Looze, l’Arbre à Savon, and many others…



We always prefer small Belgian producers, you don't have to travel the world to find excellent products!



We have traveled through Belgium, met many manufacturers and tested many products in order to offer you a range of only the highest quality products.


Respect for nature

We only work with seasonal products and they are only sold in bulk, which drastically reduces the ecological impact.

SYMBIOSE MARCHé 100% BIO 100% vrac

Our values

Since the birth of the project in 2016, we have always evolved respecting our values.

1. Bulk

All our products are sold in bulk or in reusable containers.

Your bags and containers are welcome. With bulk you only buy what you need.

2. Organic

It is better for our health and that of the farmers.

Organic is the main alternative to so-called conventional farming, which produces a lot of pesticides and does not deal with soil conservation.

3. Ecological

Consuming organic and locally is good for the earth (no harmful products and less transport pollution.)

4. Healthy products

Raw products that form the basis of a healthy diet

symbiose MARKET

Our products

  • Fruits and vegetables: We will constantly have around sixty references, the assortment will
    vary according to the season.
  • Dry: beans, wheat semolina, lentils (coral, green), flakes (oats, 7 grains, etc.), breakfast
    cereals, rice (basmati, round, spicy, etc.), pasta (whole, egg, white, etc.), olives, sun-dried
    tomatoes, dried fruits (banana, apple, cranberries, apricot, fig, ..), chocolate, spreads
    (almond, sesame, chocolate hazelnut), sweet and savory biscuits, dried fruit (seeds, cashew
    nuts, brazil, hazelnuts , …), cane sugar
  • Homemade preparations : tapenade, jam, marmalade, …
  • Bread and flour : After much consultation, we have selected the best organic breads in
    Belgium and the best flour
  • Aromatic plants : chives, mint, parsley, basil, …
  • Spices : cumin, curry, paprika, pepper, turmeric, garam masala, pepper, fennel seed, …
  • Cheese and meat products : wide range of Belgian products
  • Vegetarian burgers : spinach, beetroot, vegetables, chickpeas
  • Herbs : oil / vinegar
  • Honey: acacia, forest honeydew
  • Beverages : water, coffee, tea, juice, wine, beers, local fermented drinks…
  • Cosmetics : solid soap, shampoo and deodorant
  • Maintenance : laundry, dishes, vinegar, baking powder, detergent …

We talk about us...


Symbiosis is above all a lovely family story by a mother-son duo that aims to initiate a new way of consuming. An all-organic covered market in the Cimetière d'Ixelles district, bringing together bulk products from local producers, all certified organic. No more unpleasant surprises, at Symbiosis you buy what you see, smell and feel."

Symbiose marché

100% Organic,
100% Bulk.

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Our location

Avenue des Saison 82, 1050, Ixelles

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM, except Tuesday, 6:00 PM. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

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